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Roof Repair

5 Common Roofing Problems to Look for on Your NJ Home

When you recognize some of the most common roofing problems that can occur over time, you can catch them early and prevent further damage. ...

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What Time of Year Is it Best to Replace a Roof?

The best time of year to repair or replace a roof depends on a wide variety of factors. Take NJ climate and weather into account, of course, but other factors may matter more. Some roof repairs can't wait, but others allow the homeowner to schedule roof work any time of year....

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Roof Repair Is NOT a DIY Project – Find the Best Roofers in NJ

It can be tempting to try and save money by undertaking home improvement projects yourself. However, certain projects should be left to the professionals. Roof repair is one of them. It's not a task that should be attempted by someone without the proper knowledge and tools as it can end up being more costly in the long run if not done correctly....

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storm damage on a residential home that may require emergency roof repair

Storm Damage: Hire the Best Roofers for Residential Recovery

New Jersey has a diverse climate and frequent storms, so having the right roofers for repair and recovery is essential in order to get back to normal....

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Roof Repair or Replacement? What Does Your Home Need Now?

Learn the warning signs of serious roof problems or when you still have time to save up some more money for this considerable home ownership expense. In most cases, repairs are less expensive than full roof replacements, but that does not make it the most budget-friendly option. Constantly patching or replacing a few shingles or bits of flashing can add up over time....

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